Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday afternoon---looking better today

Just talked to Phil briefly. He & Ruth are "hotel shopping" for a lower weekly rate hotel, so he didn't talk long. He said Bill is doing even better today. He's awake, looks at you, follows commands. He couldn't lift his head off the pillow (or didn't understand), so the doctor thinks he is still weak. Because of this, he wants to leave Bill on the ventilator one more day, at least.

It's nice to have good news to report for a change!

The girls & I need to get out to the library & buy some more duraflame logs. Our tiny little fireplace will not burn real wood. We've tried for 9 years now (wow, hard to believe we've lived in the same house that long), to no avail. So, we get jumbo duraflames. They work just fine for roasting marshmallows & making s'mores! Yeah, we have a house full of girl scouts & sweets lovers. Not looking forward to getting out in the cold, but we need to do it.

Hopefully we'll have more good news later. I'm hoping Phil won't need to stay in the hotel they find if Bill keeps improving.

I am teetering about my first Pampered Chef show for this year. It's scheduled for Friday night. The host is SO sweet & said if we need to change the date, that is perfectly fine. She said everyone understands. I need to get back to work (at my 2nd job; my first job is keeping me busy as my 2 "clients" seem to want me to work 24/7---LOL!), but not sure if I need to do that this week or wait. I'll talk to Phil tonight & see what he thinks.

Off to find warm clothes. I'm guessing the girls can't wear flip-flops today. You know in South Texas that's the shoe of choice year round!

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