Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday's update

Phil said tonight that Bill was sedated all day. The doctor said on Wednesday, when I was there, that they keep him sedated because he needs to rest and to keep the tube from irritating his throat. Phil says he looks "really bad," but I know my dad also looked really bad in ICU. I don't know if the doctors think he looks "really bad" or not. They have told Phil & Ruth that Bill is very sick. Phil said they were going to start nourishment treatment today. I forgot to ask if they were able to do that. His blood pressure goes up sometimes & they give him meds to bring it down. It sounds like he is no different than yesterday. I see it as he hasn't become any worse, but Phil sees it as he hasn't improved yet.

Today the girls & I drove to Gruene, Texas just next to New Braunfels, to a restaurant called the Grist Mill. We met my folks, my niece Becky & her husband, Chris, my nephew Nils & his wife Katie, Chris' twin brother Jason, Becky's BFF (best friend forever), Paula (who is like another niece to me), and several other 20-something year olds on a weekend away from the big cities (Houston for most, Dallas for Jason). Nils & Katie live here in San Antonio, but as a youth pastor & teacher, who also attends all the youth events, we don't see them often. It was good to see this really great group of young adults. But, it's really weird to be in the "middle age" adult category! I became an aunt at 15, so I've never felt like an OLD aunt. Just was weird to be there & have my parents in their 70's, my kids in their pre-teens, these 20-somethings, and middle of the road me!

We got to walk around & sell some Girl Scout cookies today. Anyone need Thin Mints? Samoas? Between illness & Bill's surgery, this was our first time to get out to sell. We've done some phone sales & e-mail sales, but no others. Tomorrow afternoon before AWANA we need to do that!

Phil may come home tomorrow, but I really suspect if his dad hasn't shown signs of improvement that he will stay there.

I've been reading about a 4 year old boy dying of cancer for the past few weeks. Today his mom posted that he had passed into the arms of Jesus. 30 years ago today my 17 year old brother passed away. It just struck me when I read that little Julian had died on this same day. This family has a long road of grief and healing ahead. I am so glad they know the Lord. I am not sure how people go on without the hope that the ones they love are with the Lord and we will see them again.

Now to get these girls settled down! We had a sleepover last night & it seems Natalie & her friend Annie stayed up til 3 or 4 a.m. Not tonight!

Thanks for continued prayers!

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