Monday, March 12, 2012

It's not Thanksgiving anymore

My dad reminded me that I hadn't posted on this blog since Thanksgiving. So, here I am. Since then Natalie turned 13, we had Christmas, New Year's, my dad & mom-in-law had birthdays & we've had Valentine's Day. Exciting, huh? Phil had a birthday yesterday, too. And mine is on Thursday (the 15th).

What have we been doing? Schoolwork, digging through piles of junk in the house, more schoolwork, more junk digging & tossing, sewing, more school, more digging. Oh, also cooking, washing dishes & clothes. Yep, all that! LOL! My allergies got the best of me this year and I ended up with a sinus infection that is finally responding to antibiotics. We also sold Girl Scout cookies in February---on the 2 coldest nights of the entire year! Having older girls now they can have booths from 8-10. Of course, it's a guess as to what the weather will be. 3 of them were VERY cold (2 the same day, an afternoon & night). One was very pleasant. Welcome to South Texas!

I've been sewing when I can to get some projects finished to list on Etsy as well as a BIG project: a wedding dress! I'm almost done with that but fitting this sweet bride has been a challenge as she's built a bit like Dolly Parton. She's 5'11". I think she may be taller than Dolly, and she may not be as tiny in the waist, but she's pretty close. So the bodice (top part) has been the major challenge to fit. She's a very down to earth girl who would prefer wearing jeans to her wedding. She is wearing her boots---the kind you might go walking in. It's pretty funny! No sparkles or lace, but there is a bit of shine in the cotton sateen we're using. I'll post pictures after the wedding.

I am also trying to restart my PC business, but with being sick & sewing, that's been slow going. I'm currently doing a special for March on my own & hope to book shows for April. I really need to get some shows going & get bookings from those!

Other than teaching my kids & our tiny co-op (I teach Literature), these are the things we've been doing. Glamorous, huh? I'll take non-glamour accompanied by NO hospital trips! For 2 years in a row we had one of us in the hospital on Valentine's Day. This year marks a new beginning! 2 1/2 months and NO ER trips! woo-hoo!

We are waiting for our next great niece to arrive. She is due on 4/17, her dad's birthday, but she keeps trying to arrive sooner. I've told my niece-in-law that 3/15 is a GREAT day if she DOES have to come early. LOL!

Now, I'm off to the drugstore. I know you are all jealous that I get to do that AND come home to cook, clean, and wash more dishes and clothes. ha, ha.