Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bill on Thursday

Today the doctors said that Bill had a lot of gunk inside he needed to cough up, but he wasn't able to cough. So, they did a tracheotomy. They took the ventilator out of his mouth, it sounds like, and will do everything via the trach. At least that's the way I understand, but maybe one of you who is more medically astute can explain it to me!

Also, they thought he was leaking urine inside, but discovered it was simply that the catheter had come loose inside (out of his bladder). They fixed that & he's doing well in that area.

The nurse said he is doing really well. Dr. Coffield, who performed the surgery, said that Bill is doing well. Also, they said the blood work shows that kidneys & liver are working fine.

More later when I hear from Phil.

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