Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is January really almost gone?

This month has gone so fast. Funny how the days have seemed so LONG, but now we are at the end of the month.

Phil came home yesterday. There was no difference in how Bill was doing when he left. He hasn't checked in with his mom yet today. They were still talking about moving Bill on Monday or Tuesday. The doctor did tell them before Phil left that he thinks the reason Bill's breathing rate and blood pressure have gone up when he gets alert are that Bill is anxious about something. There is no way to find out what that something is, though. We don't know if he's thinking he is in a nursing home & not ever going home, or what might be going on in his mind.

If any of you live close to Temple, or could take short trip there it would mean the world to Ruth. It was hard for Phil to leave, but he can't jeopardize his job, and he has already been off for two weeks. We'll go up on Saturdays to see them, and the girls & I could go up during the week sometime, too. If some of you could drop in for a day, I know that would be helpful.

We made it to Sea World yesterday. Now, why was I worried about the weather? Haven't I learned by now that God is faithful & will take care of us? The day was GORGEOUS! It got into the 70's (felt hotter than that at times) and was crystal clear. So clear and hot that my girls have sunburned faces. Natalie's is the worst. I need to go see if my aloe vera plant is still alive & use some on her. I wore a short sleeve shirt, so was able to stay comfortable. The ones with long sleeves on (after all it had just been in the 40's for the past few days) were quite warm. And we were given a tiny bottle of water with no food allowed in the park & no concession stands open. Thus, I think every single car leaving probably stopped for drinks when they left!

Phil was home when we got here. He has said he is glad to be home. I wonder if he questioned that when a very over-tired 9 year old pitched fits last night over just about everything! WE are glad he is home!

Today is AWANA day. Bethany has not studied her lesson at all. We need to go do that. Last night I spent 45 minutes or so trying to detangle her hair. I finally gave up, after putting lots of oily glosser on it. So today it is rather, um, shiny, BUT the tangles came right out today! YEA!

The mountain cedar must be at an all time high. My throat feels swollen. Not fun! Time to take my vitamins!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Please keep praying for Bill!

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