Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mom's Medical "Kneeds"

In the midst of my FIL going through this surgery, my mom saw an orthopedic surgeon for a knee problem she's had for 2 years now. He said that she has "bone rubbing against bone" in her knees and gave her 2 choices for improving this problem: Cut her leg off or have her knee replaced! She's going for option number 2. So, in late February we will start our hospital vigil in San Antonio, at Northeast Baptist where Dad has his surgeries.

NE Baptist is also where my sweet friend Stephanie gave birth to 3 children, the last child ONE YEAR AGO this Saturday! I know that because I was at the hospital to see dad and got to go see sweet Baby Elisabeth the day she was born. It was January 19th. That is the date my brother Steve died in 1978 (30 years ago this week). When I told Bethany that she sweetly said, "It's like one went away & another one came to us." Happy Birthday Elisabeth Noelle!

Friday is Ruth's (my MIL) birthday, so today we planned to take her out to lunch. We did take her to lunch----in the hospital cafeteria! Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate next month at some point.

I also found out today that my Sister in law, Robin, has to have surgery for cataracts. She's only a couple of years older than I am, way too young for this, but they think that the Lasik she had when it was a new procedure COULD have led to this.

I'm thinking that I really am going to be tired of hospitals before this year has had a chance to really start. I'm so glad that one day those of us who know the Lord Jesus will be with Him & have a new heavenly body! I'm hoping to have a thin one that doesn't have any medical problems!

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