Friday, January 25, 2008

He's getting better

Today's bottom line is that the doctor said, "He's getting better." Praise God!

His liver and kidneys are doing great. He is on the ventilator right now, but is breathing too much, meaning he's trying to breathe more than the ventilator is doing. His breathing rate is too fast. That is the biggest concern today.

The doctor told them that Bill is almost ready to leave ICU, BUT not to just a regular room. He needs full-time round the clock care still. The doctor wants him to go to a Health Care facility in Temple. It sounds like long-term health care, which I suspected would be necessary after all of this. Most of you reading this know that Bill & Ruth live at Lake LBJ, which is about a 2 hour drive from Temple. So, he really needs to be near the hospital, I guess, rather than in something near their home.

They moved to a cheaper motel Wednesday. And I do mean cheaper. Phil said, "You know how some people get fixer-upper homes? This is a fixer-upper motel." The heat didn't work the first night. He said it was better last night. Sort of.

Phil is coming home tomorrow! YEA!!!! Not that I haven't loved having the girls sleep in my bed and poke their elbows in my ears, put their stuffed animals on top of me, and kick me periodically in the night, but it will be nice to have a large person who stays on his own side of the bed! Seriously, it will be wonderful to have Daddy home to return to some sense of normalcy (yes, go ahead & laugh as you know nothing is normal in our home).

Today we are going to a friend's house to plan for a co-op class. We start next Tuesday already. I am not ready, but will be by Tuesday. Tomorrow we are going to a Girl Scout Cookie Rally at Sea World. It's supposed to warm up a tad by then. We can only hope!

Thanks for continued prayers.

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