Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday night update on Bill

Tonight Phil said that the doctor discovered that Bill's gall bladder is full of "sludge" and they want to put in a drain tube tomorrow. They will give him morphine when they do this because it can be painful. I didn't realize he had not had morphine yet. That explains why he has been coherent when he was awake. Unfortunately, he's not been awake very much because his other meds keep him sedated so the tube in his throat won't hurt & he won't try to pull it out.

The girls & I will drive up there tomorrow. We'll stop in New Braunfels to switch cars with my mom. Phil has the van & I have the Buick (which is a year older than our oldest child!). Phil doesn't trust it to take a trip that long. I know Dad will have some blankets for us to toss in the back in case we get stuck anywhere. Praise God for cell phones now days! If we did get stuck, we could call for help. I think we know people all along the way from San Antonio to Temple.

I'll update tomorrow night when I get back.

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