Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not good news today

My folks, along with the girls and I, arrived at the hospital about noon. I'd talked to Phil earlier & he said Bill was about the same as yesterday. When we got to the hospital, we called (he was going to come down & meet us). He said, "Hold on a few minutes. We've got something going on right now." When he called back, he was obviously very distraught. Bill's breathing had become very difficult, so they opted to put him back on oxygen & also move him to ICU. They drained some "gunk" off his lungs (the nurse later said it wasn't much at all in there). They'd taken an EKG & chest x-ray this morning, too. They think he may have pneumonia (which is common after surgery, especially when you already have a problem like he does, emphysema). They're keeping him very sedated so they can keep a tube down his throat. He has quite a few bags hooked up on the IV. They are giving him quite a bit of antibiotic in case it is pneumonia. The doctors told us the x-ray did not look bad, but he could still have it. His blood pressure has been high (not normal for him), and he has a history of clogged arteries, so they are concerned that the could have had a heart attack. They did not have final results back from those tests when we left the hospital about 3:30. Phil will stay there with his mom. His cousin Shelli came in from Georgetown for the day, too, which I know was good for Ruth.

I am the only one of all of us who actually saw Bill. I thought it might be good for the girls to see him "just in case" they don't get another chance, but Phil & Ruth didn't think it would be good for them. The doctor said we'd have to ask the nurse, but really didn't think it was a good idea for them to come in because they could be carrying germs. I highly doubt they are right now after all the meds they've been on lately, but since Phil didn't think it was a good idea, we didn't even ask the nurse. So, we drove to Temple, sat in the waiting room, ate at the hospital cafeteria, sat in the waiting room some more, then came home, with me seeing Bill for about 5 minutes. I'm glad we got to go & see Phil & Ruth, but feel badly that the girls had to sit for all that time. They were SO good, I must say. I was really proud of them.

Ruth is obviously upset, but doing okay. I THINK she will leave the hospital & go to the hotel tonight. She asked the doctor & nurse if there would be someone there at all times. The doctor assured her that all the monitors that are on him now are also at the desk, and that in ICU the nurse has only 1 or 2 patients at a time. The two different doctors I saw were both ladies & were very understanding & helpful.

Phil isn't doing very well. I didn't realize he had not seen my dad with all the "cords attached" last year in ICU. He was afraid his dad was in a coma because he was non-responsive. The doctor told him they have Bill sedated so he will not feel discomfort from the tubes. I remember Dad wanting to yank those out, so I understand why they do this. We think Phil is now out of leave time, so these will be non-paid days off for the rest of the week.

We appreciate your prayers for all of us right now. We are still planning to go to Houston tomorrow (the girls and I) unless I need to go to Temple. We really have to wait & be flexible right now. I'll update later tonight if there is different news.

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TJStamper said...

Lor - I love you girl ... I'm thinking of you and your family. I am holding you all in my heart and praying for you. I'm so sorry for this struggle you are going through. (((HUGS)))