Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Infection has set in

Talked to Phil about 10 tonight. He opted to stay one more day. He may stay longer, but is not sure if he has any more leave time. He took off so many days at Christmas because of the flu/bronchitis that he's used up most of his time.

He said Bill had developed an infection. That seems to be pretty normal when people have surgeries these days. At one point they said his temp was 103. Phil thinks it was an inaccurate reading because it was very inconsistent with other times they checked. They are giving him antibiotics through his IV. He said Bill doesn't look good, and to prepare the girls for him not looking very good. My dad looked bad last year when they saw him before surgery, but Phil thinks his dad looks worse. I don't think Phil actually saw my dad before surgery because he (Phil) was sick. As my dad said, "Bill didn't look too good before surgery" because he had been sick for so long. Phil's mom will not leave the hospital room overnight. Please pray for continued healing & for his mom to be able to trust the doctors & nurses, or at least trust God to take care of Bill through them! She's had a family member in recent years who was given the wrong medication which has led to multiple problems, so it is hard to trust the nurses now.

My parents, the girls & I will go to Temple, Texas on Wednesday to see Bill & Ruth, and now also Phil. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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