Tuesday, January 8, 2008

4 down & starting on round 2!

Bethany is feeling MUCH better after her bout with the flu. Natalie never got the flu, and we are so grateful for that. Phil is still very tired. I have run a low grade fever since Friday the 28th. Well, on Sunday, Natalie's throat started hurting. I thought it was just from mountain cedar in the air, so I gave her some motrin & sent her on her way to AWANA, a Bible Memory club for kids. I sent Bethany, too, as it had been over a week since she was diagnosed & appeared to be fine.

When the girls got home, after dropping off two friends (meaning they were in close contact to my kids), Natalie's throat was really hurting. She was crying & wanted to sleep in my bed. I decided she & I would see the doctor on Monday. My primary care doctor quit her practice, so I am without a PCP. Monday I called Phil's primary doctor's office & was told they had no openings with any of the doctors. Sigh. I didn't want to go to the allergist because it's a new year and that means meeting deductibles again. AND the allergist costs more. Though, I have a running tab with them at this point. Still, we needed to be seen. I ended up getting a 3:30 appt. for myself at the allergist & getting Natalie in to the pediatrician at 2:00. We live in a fairly large city. These 2 offices were not near each other. I was a bit concerned about the timing!

We got into see the pedi before 2:00 & were out by 2:15! Praise God! While we were in there the dr. swabbed for strep throat. Yep, she has it. Yep, it's highly contagious til 24 hours after medication. Yep, I sent her to be with other kids on Sunday. Mother guilt. I e-mailed the moms last night & haven't heard from them yet. I bet they are at the doctor and muttering about me. LOL!

The allergist said I look "viral" not "bacterial" right now. Isn't that a pleasant thought? He put me on prednisone for 5 days. I should be all buffed up in a few days. Oh, wait, at this point in life, it just means more fat. He said if I feel worse to call & they call in an antibiotic.

Bethany had a "tiny sore throat" last night, which progressed to a "little sore," which she says is more than "tiny." Today it hurts when she swallows. I'll wait til tomorrow to see if it's still hurting. Shall I send her out to play with the neighborhood kids? JUST KIDDING!

We are SUPPOSED to go to Houston Friday to do a Pampered Chef show for my sweet niece Becky (the newlywed). I hope we get to go!

I've been rather out of touch here. Hope this explains why!

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