Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday night update

We went to Temple today. I was able to see Bill, but the nurse would not let the girls see him. They did get to visit with Grandma & we took Grandma to the cafeteria for lunch. I'm sure she's seen more of that cafeteria than she ever wanted to!

Before we got there, Bill's blood pressure had dropped very low, but they were able to get it back up again. While I was there, it would drop low & the machine would start beeping, then stop, and his blood pressure would rise too high & the machine beeped, then it dropped to normal. They thought something might be wrong based on how his pupils looked, but tests showed that was normal. They do think his kidneys are not functioning correctly, but didn't have any test results before Phil & Ruth left the hospital tonight. The doctor did ask today if Bill & Ruth had living wills, in case Bill's heart does stop. He is continually "asleep" with his eyes half open. Phil asked the doctor & was told that Bill is not being given sedatives, so we are not sure what is causing him to be unresponsive. He did not even respond to voices or touching his hands. He still has the ventilator. They are occasionally switching it to "cpap" mode in which Bill has to do some of the breathing himself.

Right now this is just a day by day trial. We have to leave it in the Lord's hands as there is truly nothing we can do but pray and wait. Phil was ready for us to stay up there overnight, but then said, "If you stay tonight, I'll want you to stay all week." I might go back later in the week and stay for a few nights if my folks can keep the girls.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us.

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