Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And we have 2 for the price of one....

Okay, actually, we have 2 for the price of 2, but that doesn't sound like a good title. Bethany has strep. After finally getting Bethany's mouth pried open long enough to swab her, we discovered, after the doctor came in & was waiting for the results, that the nurse forgot to take the swab to be tested! The dr. had already said from looking at her mouth & throat that it was strep & wrote the Rx for her. He asked if I wanted them to test it. I told him no since we already were getting the script. He told the nurse, "Make sure they aren't charged for that." Then he told me, "THAT'S why I wait on the results," so we won't be charged if they don't run the test. So, we'll pick up amoxil for her. Who will be next? Will it be Lori? Will Phil's last course of antibiotic be enough to keep him well? Will he have to take more time off of work & miss his dad's surgery next Monday?

Tune in next time for as the ......oh, wait, that's already been done. Just check out here if you're curious!

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