Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Flu

Last week I posted that Phil was sick & we thought it was bronchitis. Well, it probably turned into bronchitis, but we now are pretty sure the initial instigator was the flu. Why, you may ask, do we presume this criminal guilty? On Saturday evening, my mother-in-law called to inform us that Bethany had wrapped herself in a quilt & was running a fever of 101.9. Also, she'd thrown up twice that day. This child rarely throws up. And, if you're read my past blogs, you know that God has special angels to handle puke for me! Once again it happened away from me. Not wanting to leave her there sick, and not wanting my father-in-law exposed to this, we brought her home. But, it was Saturday night, and doctors were closed til Monday. I took her into the doctor. They swabbed her nose (not a pleasant affair). The doctor was fairly certain it was NOT the flu, and, because IF it was the flu, and we didn't know EXACTLY how long she'd been sick, giving her tamiflu (antiviral for the flu) might not do any good. After the nose swab was tested, she came back & told us it was the flu & gave us a prescription.

On Friday I had been VERY lethargic. By Friday night I was running fever. I assumed it was whatever had started Phil's illness, but not really thinking it was the flu. I didn't feel like a Mack truck hit me, like I usually do with the flu. Still, my fever was higher than normal for me (when I am well, my temp is below 98.6) reaching nearly 101 (for me that is HIGH). After Bethany was diagnosed, I knew I had it, too. Natalie is not sick. Why? She had the flu shot. She is the only one of us who did. She has mild asthma, so they give her one as soon as possible. I have it also & should have gone to get a shot. Oops. I am thinking that maybe the fact that I take meds for the muscle soreness is what has prevented me from the horrible muscle aches. This has gone to my lungs now & I'm starting to cough & have tightness when I breathe.

Tamiflu is a horrid tasting medicine in liquid form. We told Bethany that. But, she did not want to take the pill when the dr. said it was a capsule. One dose is all we got into her. Really, I suspect she was past 48 hrs. into this before we even started the meds. Her temp is coming down, though she is still tiring easily. I had called & asked my allergist to call in tamiflu for me. They didn't have the call in yet when I got to my pharmacy, so I am just taking Bethany's. I know it was longer than 48 hrs. when I started taking it, but I paid $55 for that stuff & I'm gonna use it, by golly! LOL!

Right now what I am going to do is go to bed & rest up.

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Simply Happy said...

=) Oh, Lori - get well soon!

My son tested postive for a score of things including wheat, barley and soy but we didn't test for rye. Still need to look up what's in the family to avoid besides pinto beans.

I remember you. I read about your PC incident before.

I'm glad to read that you are making lemonade with the lemons you have been dealt with. =) I always hope I'm brave and strong enough.

Happy New Year!