Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Night Update

Not much different to report tonight. Someone from the health care center came by & talked to Phil & Ruth. They will give him therapy as he is weaned off the ventilator. Also, they will provide physical therapy, as he's lost muscle strength & no doubt more weight (he looked so skinny the other day; it was sad to see him like that). Phil said the doctors are saying he might be ready for that move by Monday or Tuesday.

Phil should be heading home tomorrow afternoon. The girls & I will be at Sea World at a Cookie Rally. Did I mention it's Girl Scout cookie time?!!! Who, in their right mind, plans an OUTDOOR rally in January? Even in Texas we can have really nasty weather this time of year. On a good note, the forecast says it should be dry with highs near 70! A far cry from our wet with highs in the 40's this week. Of course, my friends in Wisconsin think 40 is balmy!

I have mentioned that I have not made a good single mom. I have forgotten to take medicine 2 different nights this week. I had forgotten how bad cedar pollen is this time of year. Also, I didn't realize how much pain my muscles had been in before I started taking medicine for the fibromyalgia. My body was screaming at me the other day & again today. I am going to go load up on everything & sleep well, I hope! I was a bear this early afternoon. We went to a friend's house so the mom & I could plan for a co-op class we teach together & the kids could play. My other friend, Kathy, (see, I have at least 2 friends!) let me pick up her girls so the girls could all play together. She also has been getting all the paperwork from our wonderful Cookie Mom, Linda, for this rally. Seeing friends really helped my attitude. I guess I needed REAL LIVE adult interaction!

Danette, the co-teacher, let me leave the girls while I ran errands then called to say, "Come over & eat with us when you finish your errands." She didn't even let me help with dishes! I felt so pampered! Her husband was working out of town for 8 weeks, and she has 4 kids at home (one is in college). I think she took pity on me tonight! Natalie is spending the night there, so I will go get her early tomorrow. Well, early for me.

I have actually tried to make a dent in our messy house. I'm hoping Phil won't be too shocked after living in a motel where your bed is made & towels washed & folded daily!

Please keep praying for all to go well. Thanks!

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