Monday, January 14, 2008

Surgery just hours away

I am still awake. It is nearly 2 a.m. The girls were up very late & are having a slumber party in my room. It's the kind where they actually slumber, though! YEA! I'm putting together info for a Pampered Chef Meeting tomorrow night. Our Leadership Conference just ended & I have so much to share with my team. It's also keeping my mind off of the surgery for Bill just hours away from now.

Phil drove to Temple tonight to meet his folks. He's staying in the hotel with them (and then with his mom tomorrow night). They have to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. Pray that Phil finds a Starbucks! He'll need it! We don't know exactly what time surgery will be. I assume admission at 6 means prep will start at some point after 6:30. The surgery is 3 hours long. Please pray for guidance for the doctors. Also, if you can pray for Phil & his mom, Ruth, to be able to comprehend all that they will be told that would be great. They will be working on limited sleep. Phil doesn't hear well & Ruth just has a lot she is trying to remember with all of this going on. Between them, they should be able to take in whatever they are told. I believe a friend of Ruth's will be going up either tomorrow or on Tuesday. Then my folks & we will go up on Wednesday.

We appreciate all of your prayers!

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