Sunday, January 13, 2008

On the Mend?

Thanks for praying for us. On Friday, I got ahold of the doctor I saw on Monday & he called in some antibiotics for me. My throat has been quite sore, so I suspect I did get the strep, too. The fever has gone up a bit instead of down this weekend. So far, Phil has not relapsed. He is just having a tough time getting his energy back. The girls are feeling quite well. Kids are pretty amazingly resilient!

On Sunday, Phil will drive to Temple, Texas, to be with his mom & dad for his dad's surgery on Monday. They have to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. Phil doesn't do morning well. Maybe there will be an empty bench in the waiting room where he can snooze. The surgery should take 3 hours. I think he'll come home Monday night, but he may stay til Tuesday. My folks, the girls, & I will go up on Wednesday for awhile. Please pray that all goes well in surgery.

Did I mention that Phil's mom broke her wrist? She is now in a cast (or should be, I forgot to ask if she got it) so driving should not be as difficult as with the sling she had her arm in. At least this time it was just a "normal" fall. A couple of years ago she nearly broke her legs & hip when she tried to waterski---at age 69, after taking a year off. I can't even ski at 42! She hasn't been attempting any high risk sports lately. At least not that we know of!

This weekend is "My Buddy & Me" cookie selling weekend. Our poor girls have only sold cookies to their Grandma. They keep forgetting to call Mammaw (my mom). We got sick last year, too, and they couldn't get out to sell. My Buddy & me is when their dad, uncle, grandpa, brother---some male figure they know---takes them out to sell cookies. With Phil still recovering, then leaving for Temple, we think this will not happen. Unless Phil drops them at my parents' house & Poppaw takes them to his neighborhood tomorrow & Monday!

I am trying to get back in the swing of things with Pampered Chef. Our Leadership conference was this weekend. I have seen pictures of new products, but can't share them til I tell my wonderful consultants about them at a meeting on Monday. This always gets me excited! I didn't get to go this time, but I will tell you that there is nothing like a room full of women, and a few men, when new products are announced. As someone once said, "I never knew ANYONE could get that excited over a spatula!" We'll also know what the trip destinations are that we can earn this year. 2007 was the first time in several years that I didn't earn even the first level of our trips, and I am hoping to change that THIS year!

It is late & I must get to bed. Thanks again for prayers. Good night!

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