Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update on Mom

When I talked to Mom yesterday, she told me she had slipped in the bathroom, but thankfully had not fallen all the way down. She did bruise her elbow pretty badly and cut it, but was able to get the bleeding stopped (she is on blood thinners right now). Today the Physical Therapist came. Mom said she is sore, but sounded better tonight.

On Friday Ruth (Phils mom---sorry, my keyboard is not letting me put in apostrophes) is going to Mom & Dads house. She will stay until Sat. afternoon. We will go over for lunch Sat. to celebrate our birthdays early (Phil & I both have March birthdays, just 4 days apart, plus 8 years!). Next week, Lord willing, and louse gone, the girls & I will go over Tuesday night & stay til Thursday afternoon.

We are still working on delousing. Some of my friends have shared some hilarious puns about this. One thanked me for the "heads up" warning I sent. Another told me this was really "lousy." Then one had a whole paragraph full of "nit picking" and "itching to get rid of this." I have to laugh to keep from crying. Phil has an itchy head, but I cannot see any signs of lice on his head. I am not sure if they have come off when he combed his hair (he keeps it really short), or if it is psychosomatic, you know, all in his HEAD! hee-hee! Had to explain that word, since it was a real HEAD SCRATCHER. Okay, I will stop. Just do not get me started on chickens and eggs. My friend Stephanie will have to be here for that.

Have a great day.

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