Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Delouse: out of da house & Mom update

We THINK we are done with lice. We treated again yesterday & I washed & dried clothes, bedsheets, towels and I'm sure more, from the time I got up til 2 a.m. Phew! I double treated mine with a "RID" substitute (a shampoo for delicing) and a "NIX" substitute (a lotion you put on after you use regular shampoo). I didn't feel itchy at all today. Well, not til Phil said his head feels itchy. Now I do, too! UGH! I haven't seen anything suspicious in his hair. He's got really dark hair with a few sprinkles of gray, so the nits should show up pretty well, right? I hope it's all "in his head!" LOL!

Mom got her staples out of her incision today. I talked to Dad & he said she felt a lot less pain when they took those out. I imagine they do hurt. The girls & I are headed over tonight to help out tomorrow & some on Thursday. I hope to work on the girls' Easter dresses while we are there, too. We might go back next week for a day so Dad can get out again.

Tonight we went out to eat for Phil's birthday. I was so proud of myself for finding an online coupon for a free appetizer for T.G.I. Friday's (where Phil wanted to go). I picked an appetizer as my main meal, Phil got a hamburger & the kids' meals were pretty cheap. We were given some birthday money so used a little of that, but still did pretty well keeping it lower than it could have been. I used to do a lot of frugal things. While we are not extravagant now, there are things that we can cut out (like fast food) to help even more. Anyway, we were able to eat out & not spend too much of our gift money.

Now I have to see if the LAST of the clothes are dry. Our dryer is S-L-O-W because it vents up, not out. Long story. Good night.

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