Monday, March 24, 2008

He is Risen!!!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Yesterday was the day we celebrated our Lord's Resurrection. Not only did He die to pay for our sins, but He gave us the promise of eternal life! For all who would call on Jesus as Lord, we can be assured that we will one day stand in His presence. Or, we will bow down in His presence. There will be no more tears, no more suffering, no more death. What a great God we have!

On Saturday night we watched the Disney movie, "Enchanted." It was a cute movie. In the movie the fairy tale princess often used the term, "Forever and ever." If anyone said, "Forever," she would add, "And ever." That is the way fairy tales go, after all. To me, it brought to mind the fact that God's grace and love and goodness are forever.....and ever. Life isn't a fairy tale. "True love's kiss" doesn't mean there is always a happy ending. And as of yet, I've never had a fairy godmother spin me a dress and a carriage. But we do have a Father God who gives us the promise that while there are trials in this life, one day we will be with Him and have that "happily ever after" that we can't even begin to imagine here on earth.

While we've always made Easter a celebration of Jesus' resurrection, we've also let the girls enjoy being kids with an egg hunt and fun goodies. Here are some pictures of them in their Easter dresses (that I finished sewing on Saturday night!) and with some of the goodies. If I knew how to put a movie onto my blog, I'd do that. You'll just have to imagine them running through Grandma's house looking for eggs. It was a dreary day, so they hunted inside.

We hope you had a blessed Easter Sunday and will continue rejoicing in our Risen Savior all year long!

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