Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you LOL?

Do you really Laugh Out Loud when you put LOL? Or do you just think it's funny in your head & laugh? It would look really weird to put LIMH (laughing in my head), I suppose.

Do you ever call your husband "dh"? Do you ever mean something other than "dear" when you type, "dh, dd, ds, etc."

Have you ever referred to your mother-in-law IRL as MIL? Do you ever say "IRL" in real life?

Have you ever really LOLPIMPRDML? Laughed out loud peeing in my pants running down my legs? Yes, I've really seen that!

OOOOOOH, how about this? Have you ever ROFLOL? Really, have you ever rolled on the floor when you were laughing out loud?

AND, do you have any interest specific of these abbreviations? For example: PC (Pampered Chef), EAD (Easy Accent Decorator), USG (Ultimate Slice & Grate, but now it's the Ultimate Mandoline). Or for stamping: SU (Stampin' Up), SCS (splitcoaststampers), PE (Pearl-Ex), EP (Embossing powder), or WWC (wonderful watercolor crayons). And, my favorite: AS, ASD, dx, rx, PDDNOS, pdoc, NT.......otherwise known as Asperger Syndrome, Austims Spectrum disorder, diagnosis, prescription, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (that's what they say when they can't QUITE call the child autistic & it stinks because insurance generally won't pick up charges for kids who are PDDNOS), psychiatrist/psychologist, Neuro-Typical (this is the "normal" person---HA! Is there a normal?).

I think my all time favorite of these acronyms is TTFN: Tigger's ta-ta for now! But, it makes me laugh because a dear friend (or is that DF) didn't know what it meant. This friend lives with 3 boys in her life (her dh & ds's!), so she thought this meant: Time to f-a-r-t now! LIMH!

GTG. BBL. TTFN (the Tigger kind, not my friend's).

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