Saturday, March 1, 2008

I just want to bang on the drum all day

I think our neighbor has this song memorized, at least the percussion part. He's been playing his drums all afternoon and evening. He is INSIDE his house with all the doors & windows shut. We have DOUBLE-PANED glass, and I can still hear him. I turned on K-love on the computer to see if I could drown it out. Nope. I do not want to play on the drum all day. I want to go smack a drumstick upside someone's head, but I'm pretty sure that's not "what Jesus would do."

After my 2 rambling posts, here's an update. Just talked to Mom. She sounds really good. She was tired, but didn't sound groggy at all like she has. She said the Physical Therapist (PT) who came out mashed on her knee yesterday & it has hurt ever since. A different PT will come out next week. She said the one that came set her knee bending machine higher than she thought it was supposed to be set, too. I asked if she wanted me to go beat him up. She laughed. Some friends were over visiting her and had taken supper. My nephew, Nils, was there, too. Wonder if Katie got to eat tonight. Nils never misses a meal. What am I saying? NO ONE in our family misses a meal! Once I asked my brother Greg if he ever forgot to eat a meal & he told me no, but that Nils told him that he sometimes forgets he's eaten & eats again! LOL! Back to mom, she was tired, but sounds like she is doing well.

Phil took the beautiful day to ride his motorcycle up to work on Ruth's computer. It's WAY cheaper to take the bike than the van (something like 70 miles per gallon), and he loves doing that. It's his therapy! I sometimes tell my dad that Phil is "golfing" when he's riding his motorcycle. Golfing is Dad's therapy. He should be home soon.

The girls have been at neighbors' houses all afternoon. They came home from one & got a call to go to another house. It's been nice & quiet, which is nice because I feel yucky today. I think the allergies have gone into infection. Natalie called a few minutes ago. She started with a nice voice, "Mommy, how are you feeling?" That was my first clue something was up. "I'm sick, honey." "Oh. We were wondering if (neighbor girl) could spend the night." "No, honey, I'm sick." "But MOMMY, we will leave you ALONE!" "No, honey I'm sick. AND you have to finish cleaning your room." "But MOMMY, we FINISHED it." This went on for a couple more sentences. I won. Have I mentioned I never want to be a single mom?

That's what's going on at our house. Hope you are all having a great day!

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