Saturday, March 29, 2008

*Updated* Please pray for Rylee, a 2 year old

In case some of you pop on here & aren't either on the e-mail list I sent out or on SCS, I wanted to post this prayer request.

My friend Laurie, who lives in Wisconsin, has a nephew named Rylee, age 2. Rylee fell this evening in the garage & hit his head on the cement floor. They took him to the hospital & found out he had fractured his skull and there is swelling with possible fluid on the brain. They are transporting him to Children's hospital in Milwaukee. Rylee's parents also have a baby boy about 1 month old. Laurie is sick & can't go visit Rylee, which is frustrating. Please keep the family in your prayers. Thanks.

***UPDATE*** Sunday morning from Laurie
Rylee got home at about 4am. They had an eye specialist, plastic surgeon and neuro surgeon in with him. They never realized until sometime around midnight that he hadn't been given any pain meds. Can you imagine??? That poor little guy. No wonder he was screaming (and I mean screaming) NO when the docs touched him! SO, they got meds in him and after a few consultations with the eye specialist and redoing the CT scan they found there are 2 fractures right by his right eye. There is a huge amount of swelling as well. They feel that as of right now he does not need surgery, but there will be follow up appointments to keep track of all of this.

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