Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chalk it up to Dorkdom

I'm part of an online group of friends called the Traveling Dork Sisters. We are not too proud to admit our complete and total dorkiness. From getting lost in the parking lot to forgetting where we put something (or in my case EVERYTHING---I have the worst memory for locating things, but the best memory for trivial info that has no use in life), we share our dorky moments with one another.

Here is a dorky thing I did. I listed all those birthdays in my last post & forgot about my new Nephew-in-law Chris. His birthday was March 24th. Happy birthday Chris, even if it is late!

I think I've mentioned that God gave us a special day to celebrate in January. While Steve died on January 19th, 1978, we now have a birthday in our family to celebrate: Ruth's (Phil's mom) birthday is January 18th! Now we have a birthday the day before Steve's and Aunty Edna's to celebrate! Don't you love how God does little things like that just for us? Becky could have married a man with a birthday 364 other days (or 365 if he'd been born in a leap year), but God chose one with a birthday the day before Steve's so we can celebrate life!

Chris, so glad you got to have an Incredible Pizza Company birthday!


Becky Kiser said...

So I am assuming that since you've never written a blog about Katie, that Chris is your favorite in-law!! :)


Chris said...

Or March 23rd... tomato tom√Ęto :)

Chef Mama said...

LOL to both of you! I told you I was a dork, Chris! You should tell me your birthday is the 13th, then I MIGHT remember it by the 23rd!

Rut-roh, do I need to blog about Katie now before she gets mad? hee-hee!