Thursday, March 6, 2008

My funny girl

Bethany has developed a love of "word play" that I have, so we enjoy exchanging puns and silly word play. Today I used the word louse again. She asked what a louse was. I told her that it was the singular of lice, many are lice, a louse is just one, single. She quipped, "You mean it's not married?" with a smirk on her face! Silly girl!

I've seen no signs of the little buggies last night or tonight. I'm greasing down their hair with glosser still, and will do mine. It's messy but if it keeps the lice away, that's great!

We are itching to get out of the house (pun intended), but glad today wasn't the day. We've had a last bit of Old Man Winter here today. After 92 last week, it's been in the 40's all day and we had a fire in our fireplace! Crazy weather.

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