Thursday, March 20, 2008

It rained MUD today!

We went outside this morning. I had not watched the news. My car was COVERED in mud. It looked like we'd been 4-wheeling. Everything from "Were the girls out here playing yesterday with water?" as they'd been getting muddy in the backyard to "Pollen is heavy, but this is BROWN not yellow" crossed my mind. I then said, "It looks like it was raining mud. But it doesn't rain mud. That's crazy!" I told the girls we'd have to stop at the gas station & clean the windows. My windshield cleaner tank thing has a leak, so I can't use it. Natalie said, "Mom, you need to clean them now so you can see." I was like, "Nah, I can see enough to get to the gas station." I thought it was just the glare on the car. I backed up & realized I couldn't see. I had to get out & clean the windows just to get TO the gas station. Natalie & I tried to clean them better, but apparently everyone else had been there, too as there was next to no cleaner in the holders. I started looking around & it was then I realized whatever this was had affected ALL of us. My parents told me what it was when we got there. Apparently dust from Mexico blew in at the same time the rain hit. Weird!!!!

And, just as an aside, sometimes in our pollen count we have marijuana when they are burning fields in Mexico! Now you know our secret to happiness!

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