Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey, we could sell that!

Today we went to my parents' house to help Mom, though, truth be told, the only help we had to give her was fixing lunch! She's getting around really well.

Last night Bethany asked why we were going.
Me: To help Mammaw while Poppaw plays golf.
B: Oh, yeah, and if a robber broke in Mammaw couldn't move fast enough.
Me (stifling a laugh): That's true. Plus we need to help her with the leg bending machine.
B: Why can't Poppaw do that before he leaves?
Me: Well, she can't stay attached to it for the whole time he's gone. That would be 6 hours or so.
Nat: That's how long she's SUPPOSED to stay on it.
Me (proud of her for listening & knowing that fact): Yes, but not all at one time!

Today we were there & as I picked up the table for lunch, I threw away a tissue. I asked first if it was Mom's & if she needed it. "Just throw it away. You can't keep it!" she teased. So I asked the girls (just feeling ornery) if they wanted an autographed tissue from Mammaw. Girls, "It's not autographed." I told them it was autographed by her nose.

Later Bethany pipes up, "If Mammaw were really famous, we could sell her SNOTOGRAPH on the internet and make money!" Ha! ha! I asked where she heard that word. B, "Oh, I just made it up." SNOTOGRAPH! I have to remember that next time I blow my nose.

Tonight we have sleepover guests. It's spring break here so the kids who go to school can sleep over during the week. Really, though, WHY is it called a SLEEP over or SLUMBER party? We all know THAT ain't happening any time soon! I am attempting to calm them down with "light's out & watch a movie." That has become lights out & we'll "pictochat" on our DS's, while talking to each other. HUH? Back in the day that would have been like writing notes to each other while talking. Soon it will be DS's off. Maybe by 3 or so they'll fall asleep!

As for me, I worked on Easter dresses today. I have a piece of Natalie's in my lap. I was on my way to the sewing machine when my ADHD kicked in & here I am!

Good night!

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