Tuesday, October 2, 2007

God provides in interesting ways

The day started out bad. Natalie was pitching fits from the moment I woke up. She didn't want to eat what we were having for lunch at co-op. She didn't have the right clothes to wear. blah, blah, blah. I was about to take her in pj's & told her if she didn't like the choices, she could go without lunch, too. Mind you, the choices were foods she likes. She just didn't WANT them TODAY.

We finally got into the car. I had to stop at the store for a few items for class. Then, down the road, I realized I'd left something at home & had to stop at yet another store for items.

We breezed into co-op with a few minutes to spare. I was setting up for the first class and my precious friend Kathy came in to help me. I'm the helper in that class, but the teacher was gone today, so I was the teacher. No sooner had we had all the kids wash hands (it's a cooking class) than Natalie threw up all over the floor. That explained why she'd been so cranky!

Now let me tell you that I HATE throw up. I hate doing it, I hate smelling it, I just HATE IT! I gag when anyone else throws up. But kids throw up. Here is the cool way God provides. I can think of ONE time in the past 11 years of being a mom that I have been alone with a child when she threw up. Every other time, someone else, who doesn't gag, has cleaned it up for me! Phil, my parents, once at a friend's house sleeping over, and today Kathy. She didn't even blink an eyelash. She said, "You do apples, I'll do this." And, she was more than a helper I was feeling quite unsure of what to do. She stepped in when I was lost for words or actions. She was a GREAT teacher! I love my friend Kathy! And I love my friend Linda who cleaned up Bethany's throw up once when I wasn't even there. And I love my parents who've cleaned up the girls' throw up more than once. And I love Phil who not only cleans up the girls' throw up, but cleans up MINE!

If you ever doubt God's provision, just come throw up & we'll see whom He sends to clean it up! LOL!

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Stephanie said...

Hmmm...maybe I should camp out at your place during my next first trimester...then you'd have TONS of visitors!