Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot showers are a gift from Heaven

Here I am all clean & so happy! We had a nice camping trip, but I have some very cranky people in my house right now. I mean, apart from the normal cranky people in my house! I'll post more about it tomorrow, maybe, when I have had more sleep.

There was a shower in the leader cabin, and there were showers for the girls. They even had hot water valves. The only problem was there was NO hot water! So, a few brave girls took a shower, and a few moms splashed off some dirt. It was quite warm this weekend, but the nights cooled down greatly (well, you know it is still South Texas; cooling down greatly means it was bearable). We cooked most meals on the campfire. My favorite part was the extra chocolate chips that I snagged before they made it to the Banana boats! Yes, I will tell you how to make a banana boat, too, but not tonight.

The highlight for some girls was a funny thing that happened last night at supper. We were feeding the girls supper about 10:00 (um, yeah, the day kind of got away from us), when I heard them singing, and then quiet, then giggling. It turned out that the camp right next to us (the grouping of cabins with a different troop) was responding to our girls' singing. So, it turned into a big competition of who could be louder. The song was "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves". I realized what was happening and told the girls to come out of the dining cabin & sing outside to them, then another mom took the lead & we started walking towards them. They got up & came towards us. We met in the middle where all the girls were bouncing up & down like jackrabbits & singing at full volume! The other group gave up on trying to outsing us on that song (we had 16 girls, I think, and they had about 8!) and broke into "Jingle Bells!" Then they ALL sang together. It was so funny and quite spontaneous.

For my friend Danette & I, the highlight was getting to Sabinal Texas and pulling up to Dairy Queen where we both got fully caffeinated Cokes! Though, I went to pay & they didn't take debit cards. They did tell me where an ATM was, so I drove 2 buildings away & got cash. I also got tickled watching people come into the DQ in this small town. The young gals behind the counter knew EACH customer's name. They'd all been to church & it was like a reunion in there. I suppose DQ is the only open restaurant in Sabinal Texas on Sundays. Though, the Buckhorn Saloon is there & Phil & I had a delicious dinner there one night many moons ago.

Thanks so much to my friends Kathy & Lisa for heading up this trip. And to Charron (who is named after a "regular person" in a movie about a Leprechaun---hee, hee! The things you learn while camping!) for being our first aid mom. I enjoyed visiting with another of our homeschool moms, Nancy, and was glad to have a nurse amongst us when we had a bloody nose at camp. Danette was my riding buddy up there & she holds the official record for highest number of jumps in the jumping rope competition! Woo-hoo! I suspect they are all also very thankful for hot showers tonight.

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