Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our always busy week is quickly coming to a culmination! Tomorrow afternoon the girls & I head out to Utopia. Wouldn't you like to be heading to Utopia? Oh, did I mention that is Utopia, TEXAS? Yes, the Girl Scout Camp we are attending is near a town called Utopia. Which is somewhat close to Uvalde, which is where Natalie was born. Now aren't you glad you know that?

I am tagging along as a special needs mom. I'll also be accompanying the few junior girl scouts who are old enough to be part of a canoing badge event. They'll be canoing in a pool! I hope it's a big pool! I'll be there for moral support, not actually getting in & out of a canoe. I don't think my knees would let me get in & out of a canoe, actually. Apart from that our troop is doing our very own camp trooping with lots of fun activities planned, I hear! I'm just excited that I don't have to walk a mile to the bathroom during the night. This camp has indoor plumbing in the grown-up cabin! Woo-hoo! Funny how priorities change as you age!

Tonight I had the opportunity to help a 4H club use Pampered Chef tools to make 3 different recipes. I found recipes for 3 different age groups & had some of the moms help me work with the different groups. The littlest ones cut up fruit for a fruit pizza. The middle schoolers made an apple crisp. The high school students created paninis. Boy, did everything sound & look yummy! And it all had gluten in it! When we get back from camp, I am going to have to convert the apple crisp to gluten free.

I'll be back in a few days with news of our trip!

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