Monday, October 29, 2007

Now I have something to blog!

I have not felt like I had anything new or interesting to blog, even when a friend forced me in to pressure blogging (hee-hee) on Sunday. Now it is officially Monday & I have one of those "things" to blog. On Saturday we had pancakes, which in our house is quite a to-do because I have to make 2 separate bowls of batter for my gluten-free pancakes & their regular ones. Then I have to cook ALL of my batter before I do theirs so I don't get gluten in mine. Bethany decided she would see if we had any interesting syrup. We did have some old Boysenberry from a class LAST FALL! We got it opened & it smelled a bit ripe. I told her not to eat it & throw it away. Did she do that? No. She set the OPEN GLASS bottle on the microwave cart. I noticed it about an hour ago & thought, "I need to put that in the trash before someone knocks it down." But I was busy & didn't do it. Now, an hour later, I came in from the garage (doing laundry, yes, at midnight), and what was the first thing I did? Yep, swiped it right onto the floor. Crash. We exactly 5 paper towels left. Not enough to clean this entire mess & be sure to get all the glass. I couldn't run a vacuum & I had to get all the sticky mess up. I used all 5 paper towels, then wasted 2 partially used sponges to get the rest. I hope I got all the glass.

What's a mom to do with an Aspie girl who thinks we have to save EVERYTHING????

Now, I HOPE I can get to bed without causing any more calamities.

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