Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My turn?

With all the oopsies and illness in this house and in my friends, I've managed to avoid it. For me, that is very unusual. I am usually the first one sick. Often I am the only one sick. My immune system is pretty well a shambles, or has been. The Celiac Disease is auto-immune, meaning the body starts 'attacking' itself. On the gluten free diet, my intestines have been able to heal up so my immune system should kick into gear at some point, I would think. The fibromyalgia is sort of related to autoimmune diseases. Allergies & asthma are autoimmune. Aren't I special that I have all of those? (this is where I would insert a goofy smiley if I had any clue how to do that in Blogger!)

Today my throat started hurting & my head aches. Sigh. I do NOT have to get up early tomorrow. We don't need to be anywhere until 3:00 pm. Hmmm, if Phil is home in time & I feel icky, he could take the girls to their appointment! I hope to get a good night's sleep. I do have 2 girls in my bed. It's a "Girls' Night Out" and we have sleepovers in my bed when Daddy is gone!

This morning we went to the Symphony for kids. It was very interesting. They related it all really well to kids. Natalie however, was super fidgety, and kept saying, "This is boring!" Then, once she was sitting by a friend, she pretended to sing opera while they played. It was quite humorous to see her with mouth fully open (no sound) and great expressions. Bethany thought it would be boring, but seemed to be paying attention. She loves to play instruments (well, play at them, she only plays piano for real), so I thought it would be fascinating to her. They both said, "I didn't really like it" to me. Then we talked to Phil & they said, "It was okay." The conductor told us that the symphony will be showing Wizard of Oz on a large screen & the symphony will be performing the music live at the Majestic Theater later in October! Here's a link to the theater: This theater is incredible. I can't even describe it, so you'll have to do the virtual tour if you've never seen it. I've been to some concerts, a couple of musicals (back in my single days), and most recently (about 5 years ago) to see Dora the Explorer Live. Dora didn't really match the scenery, other than the fact that she is Hispanic & the building makes you feel like you're in Mexico! Dora just isn't quite the glamor girl for the theater. I'll have to check on pricing for that performance.

Now that it is very late, I must get to bed & try to get well! Have a wonderful day!

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