Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mermaids & roller coasters

That sounds like part of a joke: What do you get when you cross a mermaid and a rollercoaster? Seasick! I just made it up, so it's a real groaner!

Yesterday Phil wanted to take the girls to Fiesta Texas (6 flags) for one last "hoorah" before the park closed. Apparently, so did every other ticket holder in San Antonio. The park was SO packed that they rode 3 rides in about 3 hours. Yep, just 3 rides. I didn't ride any. I was feeling a bit like it would make me sick if I rode anything. Hmmm, I had forgotten that I felt bad early on at the park. More on that later. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. The girls had a great time. We bought a bucket of cotton candy (we rarely buy food at the park) and I let Natalie play a game (it costs extra to do that), so it was a big blowout event for ending the season!

Bethany wants to be a Mermaid for Halloween. We aren't big Halloween fans & don't do any of the witch or things related to death (ie skeletons, gravestones). We do let the girls dress up & go out for candy (then they end up not eating most of it!). Years ago a lady told me she & her husband decided to not give the day over to the devil because everyday is the day the Lord has made. Yes, I do know the origins of Halloween, but I also know the word is Hallow e'en---Holy evening. We take it and celebrate Life and the Lord! So, Bethany has this outfit picked out. Actually a pattern and fabric. I have had it for weeks. Last night I sat & cut out all the pieces except some lining that I need to get. I hope I can finish it by Wednesday!

On the way home I started feeling sick to my stomach. I felt bad after I ate part of my meal, too. I overslept because I wasn't feeling great. Now I have a low grade fever & rumbling in my tummy. Yikes! I haven't been sick since June! For me that is a record. I'm hoping this shall pass quickly.

The girls are getting ready to leave for AWANA, a church program for kids to help them learn Bible Verses. Today is "dress like one of God's creations" so they did. Natalie is a bunny & Bethany is a TREE! Creativity is her strong suit! They're taking some friends along today.

That is about all the excitement I have to post this week. Phew. No ER runs!

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