Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update on my Father-in-Law

My father-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 bladder cancer this past May. He went from "a little pain" in February, and 3 different prescriptions for anti-biotics for his "infection" to Stage 4 cancer. He's been taking Chemo since June, when his blood count is high enough. He's had to skip a few times, but has bounced back & gone for more. He's had 9 treatments so far. He's not lost any hair (he is taking a chemo that can cause this). He's stopped losing weight (he dropped 10 lbs. in just a couple of months earlier) and even put on a couple of pounds at one point. He's not had the nausea we thought he might have.

Today the doctor did some scans and has determined that the cancer cells have not grown at all, or spread. In fact, he thinks some may be shrinking. It was too hard to tell for sure today. Bill (my father-in-law, or FIL) will take a couple more rounds of chemo, then go back for a check again at the end of the month.

We attribute his success so far to the grace of God! So many people are praying and God is answering with a resounding YES to this. I know there are times when God chooses not to heal physically, but we are rejoicing that this time He is saying yes. Please continue to keep Bill & Ruth (FIL and MIL) in your prayers.

Phil (my husband) went to be with them at the appointment today. He's staying overnight at their house & is taking a few days off this week. Hopefully on Friday we'll get to do something fun as a family!

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