Monday, October 29, 2007


Did you know that a Mermaid costume is not the easiest thing to make? It's not extremely difficult, it's just so, so, well, so RUFFLY. At least the pattern Bethany wanted. Now, really, do you think any mermaid in her right mind would have a lining in her top, followed by an overlay piece? And how many mermaids actually have Peplums? I mean, they're half fish, right? Though, I suppose to option of dressing her like the original classic style mermaids rather than the costume is out. Though her hair is pretty long. She could wear it Lady Godiva style. JUST KIDDING! I have added the peplum. I have made 3 layers of a top with ruffly sleeves. I have cut out crinoline (did you know that not everyone knows what crinoline is? ahem, that would be me, and apparently the ladies at Jo Ann's, too). Now, I must make my mermaid ready to swim. Or at least trick or treat.

Bethany, ever known for saying the funniest things, tonight said, "I could have worn the crown with my mermaid costumes, but how many mermaids where crowns?" I laughed & asked how many she knew! She added, "Well, since they are just make-believe, I guess they could wear whatever you want them to."

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