Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where's your grammar?

Ever heard this joke?
A salesman knocked on the door. A little boy answered the door. The salesman asked, "May I please speak to your mother?"
"She ain't here."
"Then I'd like to talk to your father."
"He done gone down to the store."
"Young man, where is your grammar?"
"She's in the kitchen making cookies."

Yeah, it's a groaner, but I didn't make it up! I thought of it yesterday when I talked to my mom. She had read my new blog. Suddenly, I hoped I'd written in with my best grammar. See, everyone has a gift. Some are talented at singing, others at being compassionate, and still others at art. My gift, since I was about 5 years old, has been to correct people's grammar. Mom says that when I was quite young I would tell her or others if I thought they said something incorrectly. Small wonder I became a teacher! Since the Internet has surfaced I don't think I do that anymore. I know I don't come behind someone and correct them, but I don't think I notice these things as much. Since I often post late at night, I HOPE that I'm not correcting others because my typos are a dime a dozen and I insert endless "ya'knows" and "y'all's" and other Texan terms! Did I mention run on sentences? LOL!

I think I've come a long way. Now, I LOVE when I find some misspelled words! It makes me laugh, but not because of the mistake. I laugh because it changes the meaning & I think it's a simply fabulous form of humor. I have an online friend who's husband in Doug. I inevitably type DOUGH. In fact, I did it just now on his name & had to change it. Now, considering my line of work, and the Celiac Disease, I find it quite amusing that my friend is married to Dough! One lady said she lived near a golf course, and anytime she was typing up newsletters for the community, she would type, "Gold Course!" Who wouldn't want to live there! And, most of the time when I type the name Chris, I type Christ! Funny how one letter can change the meaning! A friend told me her sister's wedding program said they got married at an Untied Methodist Church! They untied the knot, I guess!

If you ever catch me correcting grammar (unless it's my kids, of course, who also correct each other now...sigh....), just tell me to mind my own business. And maybe send me to the kitchen to bake cookies. That's my other talent in life.


Stephanie said...

I KNEW there was another reason I love you! After all, birds of a feather...

(Oh, wait. I'd better not "egg" you on down that trail again!) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori thanks for the smile!!
You are always such a sunshine!!!

Carolina CBK ;)