Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My 2nd post!

I thought my first blog post title was so creative, that I came up with a similar one full of creativity today.

Natalie has been sniffly since last week. She had no fever or other signs of being contagious. Yesterday at our co-op many had ragweed allergies. Then, at some point during the night, she came to get me telling me her ear really hurt. She was almost in tears. I am taking her to the doctor today. That means we didn't get to play with our KONOS friends today, and may not go to the Sea World Homeschool Day tomorrow.

I honestly can say I am content to stay home for my sake. Yet, I know the girls would love to go see the animals at Sea World. At only $8.00 a person, it's a deal.

The name of my blog incorporates many aspects of my life. My full time job is being Mama to my girls and teaching them. My part-time job, that actually pays money, is as a Kitchen Consultant for a wonderful direct sales company, The Pampered Chef. I get to go into the homes and demonstrate our wonderful tools. Then, the guests get to eat the food! Yummy! I love combining my teaching skills with cooking! Also, because of my celiac disease, I am on a gluten free diet. That means no wheat, barley, rye and some oats. I have to cook from scratch for most items. Thankfully I can buy some pre-made foods that are gluten free, and of course, eat fresh fruit and veggies. I also love to eat. I was always very thin until I had my 2nd child. I gained a few pounds and was feeling heavy, when actually I was finally a normal weight. Then, once I went on the gluten free diet, my body began to heal and I started absorbing all my food. I absorb 30 lbs. worth of food in less than a year! Then after needing a course of cortisone, I gained 10 more lbs. It's hard to learn to lose weight when it was never an issue for 40 years! Now, 2 years later, it is an issue. I wonder if I eat JUST chocolate it would be okay. It is a vegetable you know, from the cacao bean!

My other love is crafting. I loved crafting as a child. I loved using cut up potatoes and tempera paint to stamp a brown paper bag! That was back in the days when grocery stores only had paper bags. I learned to crochet, sew, and embroider by the time I was about 10. I've tried many different crafts over the years. My newest love is rubber stamping! I admit, it's more than a love. It's an addiction! A good addiction, I might add. I love the feel of putting ink on a stamp and seeing an image appear before my eyes. I love the magic of sprinkling embossing powder on top of pigment ink and seeing it melt into shimmering raised images when a little heat is applied. I should make scrapbooks with all the pictures we have, but making a card is much faster. One day I'll get those pictures into books!

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