Saturday, September 29, 2007

On a brighter note

At the hospital (did I mention this was our 3rd trip to the ER with Bethany?) Bethany was very active and not afraid of the doctors. She was saying things she doesn't normally say that, to me, were autistic type ramblings. But, for the most part, she did so well. She answered questions for the person who gave her the hospital bracelet. She TOLD the first nurse we saw what had happened. She talked a tiny bit to the doctor (he was man, and men are just kind of scary, you know!). She was concerned about him looking at her crotch area, but he reminded her that he was a doctor and I reminded her that we were there. I was proud of her for that. She didn't try to keep him from touching her. She has come a LONG way.

Tonight Phil told me about a family in a nearby town whose 7 year old boy drowned when he was alone in the car & it rolled into the river by their house. After this day & hearing that, I said, "I'd rather be overprotective than sorry."

And now Sleeping Beauty is all tucked in, so Mama needs to get ready for bed, too.

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