Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dressed to the Nines

What a fun show of costumes we had just in our own group of friends tonight who went trick or treating together. None of us like the scary costumes, or witches & ghosts, and we found we were obviously in the minority as most kids were dressed in very scary stuff. Adults were dressed up, too. Even in the store today I saw several women I HOPE were dressed up. I was kind of surprised at how dressing up for Halloween means wearing very short skirts, low cut tops and funky hose with high heels. Even the outfits for kids these days seem to push the "skimpy" look (there are other words I could use, but I will refrain). On our street, there are very few young kids, and only a handful of teens. There are little girls at the end of the street, and then across the street from them, and all these girls (including ours) are about the same ages, which is really nice. The kidless crew apparently turns Halloween into a street party. I intentionally had the kids do their trick or treating FIRST on that end of the street, as I was not sure what condition the adults might be in by the time we were nearing the end. As you can guess, this is NOT my favorite holiday at ALL. Apart from the dressing up, spending time with friends & candy that my kids share with me, I could totally do without this "event."

Our little group was quite fun. To start with Bethany was Cleopatra complete with black hair. It's not a wig, but her REAL hair sprayed black! And, yes, it really is warm enough to be dressed like this here! Where did fall go?

Next we had Nan Louise Carrington, a genuine Southern Belle (you might know her as Natalie). Gotta love the fish face picture!

Then the whole gang arrived & we got some cute shots. The little bitty one is 7, though she is tiny and about the size of a 5 year old. She is Phil's "pet" among all the girls. I think he would adopt her if her parents said it was okay! He saw her tonight, of course, then saw her picture & said, "She's so cute in that outfit. Of course, she's cute in anything." She comes from a beautiful family, but on the outside and most importantly, on the inside. Here, in addition to Cleopatra & Nan, we have a pirate, a Roman lady, a hippy, a genie, and Bob, the skeleton. Wonder if my skeleton is that pretty. LOL!

Finally, we have a lovely lady named Jackie. Her last name is O'Lantern, I do believe. ALL I did this year was cut the top off with my WONDERFUL Santuko Knife from Pampered Chef (shameless plug for the BEST Kitchen Tools in the world!). The girls dug out the seeds, carved the pumpkin, drew the features, and added the embellishments. Natalie---uh, I mean Nan---is the one who named her. In fact, we had no sooner put the pumpkin in the trunk when I heard Natalie asking, "What should we name her?" Who knew she could tell the difference in a male & female pumpkin! Without further adieu, here is the fair maiden Jackie.

Now, it is time to crawl into bed & crash! Good night!

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Traci M said...

Such cute costumes Lori...looks like a great time!