Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Happy Reformation Day!!

Yes, I am a day late & a dollar short as always, but the BEST things about 10/31 have nothing to do with costumes & candy. 72 years ago on October 31st, a lady was struggling in childbirth. She had adopted a son and tried to adopt 2 more children, but they were taken back to the county where their birth mother lived per the new law. This lady, who had been unable to conceive a child, thought she was having an emotional breakdown. She went to the doctor and found out she was PREGNANT! Then, when it was time to deliver the baby, complications arose. She was in labor for much longer than was safe in those days. I suspect the baby was too far into the birth canal to perform a Caesarian birth. In a day when no one was allowed in the delivery room but the doctors and nurses (well, the patient, too), the doctor had allowed both the lady's mother and husband to come in. They were there to say goodbye to this woman, as it was suspected she was dying. The baby was surely dead after such a long time. The only way to save the lady's life was to reach in with forceps and pull the stillborn child out. They did pull out a baby girl, bruised, but very much alive! The lady recovered and went on to have 2 more children by birth. The lady was my Grammie and the baby was my mom. She's all grown up & has grandchildren who are grown. I think the doctors didn't know how big our God is!

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is another special day as it is the day in history when Martin Luther tacked his Theses to the door of a monastery (or church? memory is fading), calling for reform in the church and a return to Biblical Truth. At this hour I can't tell you much more than that! I can tell you that God is still a Mighty Fortress, as Luther penned so long ago. I can also tell you that God's Word is still alive, long after the men of that day have come & gone. So Happy Reformation Day!

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Becky Kiser said...

i never knew that story about mamaw! crazy!