Friday, November 7, 2008


I really don't have anything new to blog about, but for the 3 readers I have, I thought I'd post something! LOL!

Today I went to the ENT. He looked up my nose & said it looks like the septoplasty I had done 9 years ago is still in good shape, but he is ordering a CT scan for me. I'll go back on the 20th for a follow-up. I wonder if they'll find anything in my head this time. I'm missing my brain, so it may show a big black void.

I dropped off some catalogs for a gal to do a Catalog show. I have 2 live shows this month! Yea! I love doing the Pampered Chef shows, but haven't been able to do tons b/c of illness & such this year.

My parents are coming over to help us clean & organize. Dad will work in the garage, Mom will help the girls with their clothes & mounds of STUFF in their room, and I will make a dent in the living room.

We are working on a plan for Natalie's birthday party. We have really outgrown parties at our house b/c the kids are so big now. We wanted to do bowling, but that cost $79.99 per lane, with 6 kids max! Not gonna happen this year. She handled it really well, which shows a lot of maturity on her part. In the past that would have caused her to throw a fit. We've asked my mom if we can go there, but it is in New Braunfels, which is about a 30 minute drive from my house. My niece may be in town & I might coordinate with her to do Arbonne facials on the girls (and let the moms see the products! See, Becky, I'm trying!).

Bethany told me tonight, when I told her about some Girl Scout activities, that she really doesn't want to do any of them. She said, "It's just too much. I just want to stay home & do stuff here." Then she said later, "I really liked being a Junior better. The sleepovers are okay, but all we do during cadettes is talk." I told her it may be b/c she's younger than most the girls. She said, "Yeah, and they are like mini-adults." That was kind of an odd assessment, I thought! But, she's not ready to grow up & wants to still be a kid. I guess that's okay & it's pretty normal for a child with Asperger Syndrome.

Gotta get to bed so I can be alert when we clean tomorrow....uh, I mean, later today!

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