Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to my 2 or 3 readers! LOL!

Some of my friends have been reading my running commentary on preparing for a gluten free Thanksgiving. Here is a glimpse of what it takes for me to enjoy Thanksgiving the way that everyone else does (food wise). I am in charge of pies every year, so I have some regular stuff to make as well.

*Make Bread from scratch to make stuffing
*Cut bread into cubes & dry out in oven
*Make gluten free pie crust (4)
*Make cream of mushroom soup from scratch (canned isn't gf)
*Make fried onion rings like the yummy ones in the can for green bean casserole
*Make pecan tassies with gf flour
*make apple & pumpkin pies gf
*Make regular apple, pecan, pumpkin & Lemon pies (Natalie requested Lemon for her Birthday Pie)
*Make gf dinner rolls from scratch (they shriveled as the cooled; very odd)
*Make dressing using dried cubes
*Realize at 10:30 pm on Wed. night that you forgot part of the ingredients in the gf apple pie.
*Decide it's too late to make green bean casserole b/c you spent the past 2 days making all this other food. It can be mixed together in the morning.

That's all for pies, rolls & dressing! Mom makes the turkey & gravy (gf for me), mashed potatoes & that yummy gluten-filled dressing that I can't eat any more. She is so good & always checks the turkey to be sure it's GF for me. MIL makes a fruit salad. I can eat that! Her sweet potatoes have flour in them, so I can't eat those. I really don't care much for sweet potatoes, so that's okay. My SIL often brings these yummy cheese puffs that I now can't eat. I have made them gf & they are still pretty good that way! Not on the menu this year. SIL's mom brings peach cobbler. I'm not sure what else folks are taking.

The pecan pie isn't for T-day, but for my dad AFTER everyone leaves. I owed him one! He cracks all the pecans & I do the baking.

I hope your day is stress free & full of blessings! We have so much for which to give thanks to the Lord!

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