Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I watched local news at noon & tonight at 5. It actually went for an hour, then CBS news was on at 6. I could only take a few minutes of Katie Courick. I have no idea if I spelled her name correctly, so forgive me if I misspelled it. I admire her strength in becoming a young widow with 2 girls to raise. I think she has really made a name for herself in reaching the level of journalism she has. However, some of her commentating is more like free political advertising. I told some friends I was so tired of the commentators on TV that I even turned off FOX news! It's bad when an ultra conservative turns off Fox! LOL!

Anyway, it reminded me of this joke I heard from my friend Janet (Brewer) Brown many years ago. I'm ad libbing as I can't recall EXACTLY how it went, but I have the main idea. Also, I updated the name in it. A prize winning Idaho potato married his sweetheart, a champion Russet. They had an offspring, Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato grew up & fell in love with Matt Lauer. Her parents said she was of blue ribbon stock, and in no way could she marry Matt Lauer. She was distraught and wanted to know WHY they felt this way. Dad explained, "I am a prize winning Idaho potato. Your mother is a champion Russet Potato. Matt Lauer, well, he's just a Common Tater." Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!

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