Friday, November 7, 2008

Isn't this cute?

Okay, so now I'm falling into the trap. I have to have a CUTE blog. Others have CUTE blogs. So I went to and found this one. Now I need to go find something cute for my craft blog!

My parents came to help clean today. Dad made a path through the garage. Mom & the girls spent the entire day in their room & as much as they dug through, it is STILL a huge mess. The living room is full of MORE boxes. We need to put in some used Entertainment Center shelves that Mom Garrison got for us, then unload all this onto the shelves.

Somehow, as I took everything off the shelves, including the TV, which is large, bulky & heavy (well, not really large, but for me to lift it was!). Somehow in doing so I broke the feed from the cable into the TV, so now Phil will have to figure out how to make that work. He does have the DVD player hooked back up to the TV & he & Natalie are watching the Tinkerbell movie. I wasn't impressed by the opening lines, but I need to see more to see what I think. One of our friends told us about the Red Box video rentals---it's one night, but only costs $1, so we tried it. We'll take this one back tomorrow. There is a machine at our convenience store at the front of our neighborhood, so it is, well, convenient! Bethany is spending the night with a friend, so she'll get to watch this another time. I want to get the American Girl Kit Kittredge movie next. We studied the Kit books last year at co-op, so it will be fun to see. Plus, the girl who plays Ruthie used to be our neighbor! We didn't know them other than to wave & say hi, but Phil had talked to her dad when they were moving to California to pursue her acting career. I guess it has paid off!

Tomorrow we'll head to Lost Maples to see REAL FALL COLORS!!! I can hardly wait! We finally have a touch of color on the Ornamental Pear Trees, which is nice, but not the rich colors of maples. I've never gone in the fall, so I'm excited! We were due to go when I was nearly due with Natalie, but it rained that weekend and we never got to go.

Off to fairy land now! Maybe I can find some fairy dust to sprinkle on my house to make it grow & get organized!

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