Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What time of year is it?

Here's a riddle. The kids put on swimsuits and shorts. They go outside and squirt each other with the water hose til they are drenched. What time of year is it?

It's February of course! Doesn't everyone go outside to play in the water this time of year? Only if you live in South-Central Texas, Florida or Arizona, I'm sure. That's what my kids did today.

Last night after co-op, the girls had a Girl Scout Sleepover. Since our troop is through our homeschool co-op, we have girls from different areas in the city. This year, it turns out that 4 of the girls live near our co-op and 4 of them live on our side of town (our 2 included). I did the A.M. pick-up. We stopped to drop off the first girl, and ended up staying for a couple of hours while the girls played "Capture the Flag" in the backyard & my friend & I just sat & relaxed on the couch. Then we brought the other friend home with us to play. Schoolwork as in books did not happen today. But, creative juices have been flowing. The girls piled all the blankets in the house in their room then jumped onto them. Then they filled huge plastic storage boxes with soft squooshy stuff and used those as their "beds," followed finally by putting on make-up for fun. Surely some sort of learning took place in there. Tomorrow it is back to the books. Actually tonight, as we'll read before bed. Botany for Bethany!

The girls made some really cute projects at the sleepover. When I get pictures taken & uploaded I'll share them.

Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight!

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