Monday, February 25, 2008

Surgery went well and it is HOT here!

Mom went into surgery about 11:30. She was in a room before 3. She's groggy, but coherent. She said several times, "I just want to sleep," and once said, "I'm sorry I keep falling asleep." I laughed & told her she is SUPPOSED to sleep! She has a morphine button. The nurse started her off with a small dose, then is able to self medicate when needed. The nurse said the anesthesia should wear off by tonight but the morphine could still make her sleepy. If all goes well, she could go home by Thursday.

Last year in January while Dad was in the hospital, we had an ice storm. 13 months later we are melting! The temp is at 88.7 and climbing as I type at 4 p.m. Thank the Lord for air conditioning!

Mom is at Northeast Baptist Hospital. The main number to there is (210) 297-2000 and she is in room 60 A. Dad has his cell phone, also, if you want to call him.

Thanks for praying. I'll update as the week goes on.


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