Monday, February 11, 2008

The Asperger view

With Bethany, we never know quite what she will say. On Friday at a Girl Scout Cookie Booth, one lady said she didn't have any money. Bethany asked (in a voice loud enough for the lady to hear her), "How did she buy anything?" since the lady had a bag with stuff in it. The other mom & I both said, "Bethany....." in that shocked kind of voice. The lady was kind & said, "I used a card!" The table was not big enough for me to crawl under.

Last night at our booth someone said, "I can't get cookies. I'm on a diet right now." Bethany replied, "Well come back when you're off of it."

Today the girls were discussing what color they'd like to paint their room. I told them I'd like to paint the bathroom. Natalie told us what design she'd like to paint the border area. Then Bethany said, "We could get that Toilet Stamp and stamp around the border." She was referring to a rubber stamp in this hilarious set called, "Way to Go" by Gina K. Designs. I don't have that stamp set, yet, but apparently it is needed for proper home decor!

Tomorrow we return to co-op. I need to get clothes finished washing & drying so I can get to bed. It will be a long day.


Becky Kiser said...

i love that girl!!!

my absolutely favorite memory in talking about asperger is when we were planning on taking the girls to mcdonalds and i was asking you what they could eat. then bethany pipes in and says, "Aspergers... burgers with a** on them." wow.

*sorry for putting a bad word in there, but it is a funny story! :)

Chef Mama said...

Hee-hee! I remember that. She thought if a cheeseburger had cheese on it....well, it was logical & she didn't know it was a bad word! I'll never forget the look on your face when she said that!