Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Hot Mama

Phil, the girls & I are safely home. It has been a long day, a long week, a long month & a quarter---well, a long year so far! Phil has been OFF of work more than he has been AT work. He said it will be hard to go to work in the morning after being off so long. His company and his managers have been very gracious through all of this. He is asleep, as are the girls, and I am heading that way soon.

I had to tell you about our "Hot Time" at Grandma's first. Bethany, Phil & I were all still sleeping in on Saturday morning when Ruth came in & said, "You need to get up! We all need to get out of the house!" Her smoke alarm was blaring & we could smell something burning. It smelled like an electrical wire burning. She had already called the fire dept. and by the time we got outside, they were coming around the corner to her house. In fact, 2 fire trucks were dispatched to the house. They did not find any smoke or fire and think it must have been dust burning on the heater unit. We still aren't sure about that because by then she'd been home a week & we'd had both the upstairs and downstairs heaters on during that time. When we got back inside she told the girls that they have more excitement at their grandma's house than other kids do! Almost every time SHE has gone to the E.R. the girls have been there. We told Natalie she has to learn to drive now to take Grandma to the hospital!

It was hard leaving today. When I asked if everyone was ready to go (to the girls & Phil), Ruth said, "NO!" Phil will go back next weekend & then if no one else is visiting on the following weekends we can go up. She has good neighbors and friends who will not only stop in but will make her get out & take walks and such. I think she may find herself WANTING time alone!

I need to get everything shut down for the night now. Thanks for all you have done for us over these past few weeks.

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