Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Casseroles, etc.

I think meals taken to grieving families should be called casseroles, etc. The other day one of the girls asked me, "Do people still take casseroles to you when someone dies? In the Molly movie, they said that's all people took." So, when we got to Grandma's we asked. Someone had brought a casserole. But, in reality, people have brought food that really spoke from the heart. A platter of lunch meat and cheeses with some fresh bread; lasagna; eggplant spaghetti sauce and noodles (and I love this woman---she put the noodles SEPARATE so I was able to cook my own noodles & eat some of the food!). One lady brought salad for us, plus oreos (the girls were thrilled since I won't buy them anymore as they WERE my favorite cookies, back before celiac disease), and DARK chocolate M&M's, and some other snacking food. She said, "I thought the girls might like something to nibble on." Then tonight Uncle Harold & Aunt JoAnn (Ruth's next younger brother by 18 mos.--she is one of 8 children & the only girl!) brought venison summer sausage (Kathy, you know how happy THAT made Phil! He told Harold, "You're my hero!") and fresh vegetables from his garden!

We have done more than just eat today (or yesterday now that I'm up past midnight again). Natalie & I finished assembling scrapbook pages and a large display with 6 of the pages. It's just pictures & some embellishments (pretty stuff on the page) now, but I'll add writing later. We attempted to get some accompaniment music on a CD for Phil's cousin's daughter to sing with at the service, but it just wouldn't burn on a cd. Another one of his cousins (did I mention that all 8 of those kids had kids, who've had kids, and some of THEM have had kids) also has a teenage daughter who will sing a song called, "The Prayer" by Josh Groban at the service.

The phone has rung off the hook. At times Ruth would be on her cell phone and the landline would ring. I told her I was waiting for the moment when we all 3 had our cell phones in use & her home phone would ring! She was up at 4 a.m. crying & never went back to sleep. I am praying for her to sleep better tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day. I think with no body there it might be a more cheerful service; a true memorial service.

Phil has written some fond memories of Bill and let me play editor. He will not read it at the service (even if this were NOT a memorial service, he wouldn't read in front of a crowd). The pastor will do that.

Now I'm off to try to get a good night's sleep. Please remember to pray for all of us in the morning.

We love you & thank you for all your prayers, notes, and encouragement.

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