Sunday, December 14, 2008

We're STUCK!!!

This evening we ventured out to enjoy "Holiday in the Park" at Fiesta Texas (6 flags). It was daylight when we arrived, but even without all of the lights on, the halls were decked with boughs of holly and a whole lot more! One section of the park was closed off, but the rest of the park was bedazzled with glitter, lights, greenery, and just all kinds of Christmas FUN STUFF! We typically have the same "route" every time at this park. As usual, we started at the Road Runner. It's the "small" roller coaster, but is a far cry from the "Rollschucoaster" in kiddy land. It's listed under "Thrill" rides and is one of those, "Don't go on this if you have back problems or are having a baby" kind of rides. The girls know it so well that they smile at the camera as we zip past it. You know, those cameras they station so that they'll have a look of total fear or total excitement. Our girls make goofy faces at it going 60 mph or something!

The four of us got into our seats and enjoyed our first ever COOL ride on a roller coaster. It definitely beat going in 95-100 degree weather! We passed our last big curve and were heading into the loading dock when the ride abruptly stopped. It normally stops in that spot, but not quite that harshly. Then it meanders around a curve into the loading area. The only problem was after that stop, it didn't meander. We sat there for a few minutes then this lady (in the yellow & blue) spoke over the intercom, "Can you hear me? If you can, raise your hands." We could and we did. "We are having technical difficulties. Please remain calm and stay seated facing forward," were are directions, as if we were going to jump ship or something! Seriously, even though it was up high, because of where it was, there were wide walking areas on both sides of the cars. I think my biggest concern was for the boys in the front of the car. They had asked us for the time earlier & asked if we thought they'd be done by 5:30. We said, "Oh, yes, you have plenty of time." It was only around 5 at the time and we were near the entrance. Little did we know exiting would not be as fast! I felt better when I saw some young ladies yelling across to them, so they knew the boys were stuck on the ride. Here are some pictures of the experience. Bethany put on a bored face just for this picture. It was a scrapbook moment. You can see behind Natalie's hair the line of people waiting to ride the Road Runner. Ahead of us was the turn where we would be sent into that little wooden "house" looking building.

It really wasn't a bad experience, but what a great story to be able to tell, "One time we got STUCK ON A ROLLER COASTER RIDE! It just quit running with us on it stranded hundreds of feet in the air!" LOL! AND I got to call my mom from the roller coaster. I've never done THAT before!


Miss Iowa said...

WOW! Did anybody freak out and go berserk?

Chef Mama said...

Nah, it wasn't too adventurous! There was a little girl behind us that must have been just tall enough to ride on this one. She was just as calm as the rest of us. Maybe because it wasn't dark yet or 100 degrees! We DID hear over & over, "Please stay seated with your backs against the seat. Do not turn around." What fun is that? LOL!

BethH said...

Goodness Gracious! What an exciting adventure. Glad everyone made it safe and sound..... :)